Are you struggling during the Coronavirus lockdown?

Transform Your Wellbeing will give you a chance to look at different ways to deal with your feelings and how you can keep mentally safe and strong.

Each workshop will be between 45 and 75 minutes and will include a range of different easy to follow activities and discussions. We will plan your workshop with you to make sure it is right for you or your group.

Here's how to book a free online workshop:

1) Decide who you want to join you - this can be your mates, work colleagues, your group members or family members (from around the country), or you can do it on your own.
You can control who you invite (anything from 1 to 10 people).
2) Click on the Book a Workshop link below.
3) We will be in touch to discuss your request,confirm details and send the unique Zoom link.

Stay at Home, Stay Safe, Stay Well. 

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