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Emotional Resilience and wellbeing courses to support individuals to reach their full potential

An Introduction to Emotional Resilience 

Emotional resilience is key to being able to manage your feelings and deal with the everyday ups and downs of life, but probably more importantly, how to survive those times when things get really difficult. Being emotionally resilient is important in terms of health and wellbeing and can make the difference in your relationships and all other areas of your life. 

This interactive 3 hour workshop will explore what we mean by emotional resilience and help you to develop your own emotional resilience and coping strategies. The workshop is suitable for anyone aged 18 and over. 

How to Change the Way you See Yourself

The way we see ourselves and what we think we are like is a story that we have made up about ourselves over the years. Somewhere along the line we start to believe it is true and we live our lives based on our own story. 

This 3 hour workshop will give you the chance to explore where your story came from and the provide the chance to take a fresh look at who you are so you can start to write a new story. The workshop is suitable for anyone aged 18 and over. 

Stop Being a Doormat and Take Control

Do you get fed up with always trying to keep other people happy? Do you struggle to say no? Do you sacrifice your own needs and let other people 'walk all over you'? Do your relationships suffer because you are resentful about the way you always have to compromise? Do other people, children, partners, parents rule your life? Being a people pleaser is fine but can lead to serious stress and unhappiness if you don't know how to manage it well.

This 3 hours workshop will explore the symptoms and help you to build your confidence and take control of your own happiness. The workshop is suitable for anyone aged 18 and over.

Learn to Be Happy in 5 Steps

So what would make you happy? We all have ideas of things that would make us happy. Maybe it would be winning the lottery or getting a new car or meeting a new partner. We hear all the time that 'happiness comes from within' but what does that mean and where is within? 

This workshop explores your personal values and looks at if you are making your choices in line with your values. We will introduce you to a 5 point plan for improving and maintaining happiness. This workshop is suitable for anyone aged 18 years and over. 

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