Young People's Development Programmes (YPDP)


Intensive support for disengaged and disadvantaged Young People

Our intensive Young People's Development Programmes are designed to provide long term consistent support to young people who are facing challenges in their lives and need to know they can get through the tough times and have a future.

Our programmes provide intensive and consistent support to young people who are facing difficult times, such as exploitation and violence, poverty, offending or alcohol or drugs misuse. 

The foundation of our youth programmes is emotional resilience. We support young people to make sense of their circumstances and take control of their choices and actions. We train young people to understand where their feelings are coming from and how they act in response to feelings they have. We support young people to plan and make positive responses to challenges that they face and look for the support that they need to get on with life.

We run our intensive YPDP programmes in different locations, at different times of the year, in response to need. We will tailor the programme to the needs of the individuals on each programme, but an overview of the typical program structure and our approach is below.

For more information about our intensive support programme, or to discuss potential referrals onto our next programme, contact Sophie on 07921800755 or email

Programme Overview:

The Young People’s Development Programme (YPDP) is a systematic approach to transforming the lives of troubled teens.

Phase 1: building community partnerships and networks, training volunteers for key support roles and identifying young people who will benefit from the programme. 

Phase 2: Intensive and challenging residential training course including outdoor team building activities, classroom group work style sessions and one-to-one life coaching, followed by weekly training sessions in community facilities and a series of workshops and activities that provide the opportunity for the young people to work together to explore issues that affect their lives and circumstances. 

Phase 3: local community action, volunteering, work experience and civic activity, providing an opportunity for the young people to further develop their new skills supported by local adult volunteers.
The programme has defined general aims and each young person will also have their own personal goals. We work with each young person to set 5 personal goals.

The 9 month long intensive programme is carefully designed to ensure troubled young people are able to take part and achieve major changes that create a better future...

1) Laying the Foundations: Establishing the scope and context of the programme with the participants. Setting up structures and practices including personal goal setting, action steps and mistakes and accomplishments. Introducing the participants to personal portfolios, accreditation and evaluation systems. Establishing the roles of Life Coaches and support staff/volunteers.

2) Giving and Receiving Support: Exploring the participants’ attitude and relationship to trust and support. Activities to build trust and support and looking at how previous experiences can influence current perceptions. 

3) Responsibility and Choice: A range of activities and exercises that help participants to distinguish between when they react or respond to situations.  How they relate to personal responsibility and how to create choices in difficult and challenging circumstances

4) Communication: Looking at different types and styles of communication, verbal and non-verbal.  Exploring where communication difficulties get in the way of personal development. How communication affects relationships with families, in education or with people in authority etc.  Mediation and negotiation skills.

5) Conflict Resolution: Using different activities and exercises to develop a clear sense of where conflict comes from, how to manage anger and violence and how to resolve conflict.

6) Health and Wellbeing: Exploring with the participants how they manage their personal hygiene, health conditions and addictions, how they feel about themselves and how they relate to taking care of their emotional and physical health. Sessions include drugs and alcohol awareness sessions, sexual health advice and relationship advice.

7) Community and Resources: Learning about opportunities and services available in the wider community, practicing accessing services, planning and designing services and partnership working.

8) Planning for the Future: Careers guidance, work experience and volunteering opportunities provide the young people with a chance to try out different career options and think about job options that they haven’t considered before. The sessions include mock interviews, visiting speakers from different career sectors and CV or application completion assistance. 

9) Dealing with Loss and Endings: As the programme draws to a close the sessions focus on the emotional processes around endings, loss and change. The sessions include plans for celebration of achievements, moving on and plans for the future. Many of the young people have experienced loss and grief that has not been addressed and these sessions help them to build resilience that helps them to move on from the programme and from their previous endings, with appreciation and celebration as a core skill. 
We work with the young people to progress to traineeships or apprenticeships with local employers, voluntary initiatives, for example, The Princes’ Trust etc or work based training providers. 

Programme staff and volunteers continue to provide coaching support and mediation services to the young people. This allows smooth transition.

Up to 50% of young people will continue to volunteer with our future programmes, passing on their skills and acting as peer mentors. 

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