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Transforming Life Chances

Long term intensive support that really makes a difference

TLC provides intensive support for disengaged and disadvantaged Young People

TLC programmes are designed to support to young people who are facing challenges in their lives and need to know they can get through the tough times and have a future.

Our programmes provide intensive and consistent support to young people who are facing difficult times, such as exploitation and violence, poverty, offending or alcohol or drugs misuse. 

The foundation of our youth programmes is emotional education. We support young people to make sense of their circumstances and take control of their choices and actions. We train young people to understand where their feelings are coming from and how they act in response to feelings they have. We support young people to plan and make positive responses to challenges that they face and look for the support that they need to get on with life.

We run our intensive programmes in different locations, at different times of the year, in response to need. 

For more information about our intensive support programme, or to discuss potential referrals onto our next programme, contact  us.

Image by Kyle Broad
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